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Rapper and music artist Bvndo recently came out with the single, ‘Lets Do It’ from his upcoming album which is sending out waves of audience excitement and engagement. The creative energy in his music is addictive and makes the audience want to groove along with it. Hailing from Fort Chiswell, Virginia, his exposure to hip hop started at an early age and continues to influence him in his professional career. The production and sound defy traditional hip hop and sets the artist apart from his own identity. He is currently associated with the label, SINFUL Entertainment which will open more windows of opportunities for him.


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The Virginia hip hop artist is rapidly gaining an audience base with his latest release, ‘Lets Do It’. He has been making music for over a decade now which has combined a long stream of experiences in the industry. He has also appeared in National Magazines such as Coast 2 Coast and Indy Nation and also been in partnerships with some of the biggest hip hop brands from the UK such as Rude Boy Clothing line for starters. Bvndo’smusical catalog is a mix of different influences that makes his soundscape so diverse and individualistic. Some of his biggest influences are Lil Wayne, Drake, Post Malone, and Fabolous. He can make any beat rhyme with his lyrical prowess and spontaneity and bring out the best production potential from it. Some of his most mentionable songs are ‘falling Again’, ‘Thrilla’, ‘Wave’, and ‘Marie’s Diary’. Follow him on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify.

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