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Rapper D’NME is never shy on confidence. The self-proclaimed "face of the rap game” and "greatest rapper in the world” is undoubtedly one of the most gifted and technically sound emcees to emerge in Hip-Hop in recent years. Born Roderick Anson in Toronto, Canada, D'NME first burst onto the underground Toronto rap scene in the late 2000’s with his first mixtape “The Death Of Me.” Capitalizing on the emergence of the digital music market, D’NME independently released his second mixtape “Guns & Roses” which was hosted by the late DJ Whiteowl in 2012. The mixtape garnered D’NME a considerable amount of recognition online. In that same year, D’NME recorded an intro freestyle for Hip-Hop legend Sway Calloway, which was aired on Sway’s world-famous show “Sway In The Morning" on Shade45. In 2013, D’NME made appearances on various underground mixtapes and was featured in the Indie Grind Spotlight section of Hip Hop Weekly's magazine. In 2015, D’NME released his third mixtape titled “I Smell Blood In The Water,” which was hosted by Southern Smoke founder, DJ Smallz. Then, he followed up with his online smash "Bad AF" featuring Adam Duncan. D’NME’s 2017 EP “Number One With A Bullet” garnered a great amount of attention and respect online. The project was featured on blogs such as, and


His latest single

'On The Way' was released in early 2021.

He also released another single in

2020 called 'Untouchable'

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