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'Try Me' is the second single from his forthcoming EP,  'DaneJerUs & Beautiful', which is scheduled to debut in January 2022. 

Produced by Slim Duckey and mixed & mastered by  Dane aka Dejuan J. Dangerfield, the track explores Dane's exhaustion with the falsehoods of society. 


With inspirational messages at its core, 'Try Me' elegantly showcases Dane's signature collation of rhyme and rhythm, its definitely a classic sounding  Contemporary R&B track pivoting around the nature of truth. It brilliantly showcases Dane's vocal abilities, and is paired well with a groovy, modern beat that keeps the track flowing from start to finish.

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"This song is for anyone who has ever felt suppressed by society like they just can't win. An inspirational one about how you will find yourself through all the trials and tribulations you go through. 

This song is me to a tee"



Dane's inspirational life story is best translated via sound. His latest single, entitled 'Try Me', does exactly this, with his signature and instantly recognizable artistry shining through once again

Watch the Music Video for 'Try Me' & be sure to subsribe to the You Tube Channel.
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