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Nick LaVelle

Nick LaVelle is the essence of a modern-day R&B artist: He's a singer, songwriter, record label owner, & real estate agent. He’s killing the game & has been very busy lately on Omarion's Millennium Tour. 

Lavelle was influenced by his mother's extraordinary vocals &  grew singing in his church choir. He sharpened his vocal chops & that ignited a serious desire to consider music as part of his lifestyle 


By 2012, LaVelle had garnered enough leverage in the musical streets of  Detroit, Michigan to start making his own moves to conquer the music industry. He connected with music producer DX and the duo gave legs to what was once just a dream and turned it into a reality.


 The unspeakable dedication to his budding career started to take a turn for the better and there was really no stopping the blessings in store! 

 LaVelle is using every chance he gets to extend his musical genius while making a difference for his little ones as every Black father desires. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just, Nick LaVelle.

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