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Ravishing Rook

Ravishing Rook is on the back 9 of his rap career. Born in the gritty streets of Newark N.J. to a band of brothers, where he got his musical talents from. He father and 4 uncles grew up in the notorious Prince st. Projects. They were the offsprings of Robert (Bobby Butler) a notably prosperous musician from North Carolina, Cousin of the Famous Maceo Parker. Robert migrated with his wife to Newark and they birthed the group B+ Ravishing Rook is a product of that family tree of talented musicians. Its no surprise the third generation artist been ripping microphones for a very long time. Ravishing Rook has always been a fan favorite upon every being with an ear, Hip Hop heads to cross genre music lovers. His flow has been compared to the likings of Nas, versatility of the greats in their prime, with a unique laid back voice. Ravishing Rook does it all on the mic. Story-tell, spit conscious verses, capture the interest of the ladies and brings it home with the street life symphonies he's qualified to specialize in.



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Check Out The New Single 'Hip Hop Honey'
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