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My name is Terry Johnson and I go by RF.Tee,

I am an Artist/musician from Sacramento, California. Music has been apart of my life since I can remember. Growing up around artists, I learned to love music.

I especially love the way music can influence people while in any mood; it calms me, it can hype me up, it can make me sad, happy etc. This is a big reason why I got into music. I want to be the kind of artist that can touches someone deep in their soul in good ways. My music makes you think about what I am saying in a deeper level because it could mean so many things to different people.

Some of my influences in music are...

Trippie Redd, Jaden Smith, XXXTENTACION,Juice WRLD, & s few others. They all have helped me when I was in a very bad place in my life. Yes I am young but I have had a rough life thus far. If those artists weren’t making music I wouldn’t be here interested in music or even making music myself. I want to one day inspire others with my music in the same way the artist I listed above did for me.

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