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Self-Made has gained a lot of radio play in Las Vegas with the help of Tyrone Gibson who’s brother is superstar Tyrese Gibson. He also has  gained exposure in major US cities & has attracted a substantial overseas fan base working with  his marketing director futureguru100 & the etunesUK Music network.

The plan from futureguru100 & The 1000 Network has always been on building the Self Made brand in the most organic way possible.   Now from all across the globe fans are  supporting his music as well as his Picture Perfect merch line.

More great things are also happening musically and this artist is off to a exciting start with nearly 50,000 organic spotify streams of his Smash single 'No Filter'.

Self Made EST

SelfMade EST has proved throughout his career that giving up is not a option.

He's an artist with  ASCAP author , composer,  publisher and producer credits & he  plans on taking his career to new heights. As a new & upcoming artist I believe that interacting with my Fans should be my number one goal because I think they are the real MVP & they are helping me take my music career  to its peak. I’m honored to have their support and believe hard work and dedication is the key to success.

We hope you enjoy the music & Be sure to watch the 'Crooked Lettaz' video.  

Dont forget to subscribe to the You Tube channel.

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